Blogging and Vlogging are of the same coin but different sides. Blogging is based on explaining everything through the use of text. Vlogging (video blog) is where you use video in explaining everything or sometimes both video & text can be used. Blogging and vlogging are very effective tactics for brands and people who want to generate the maximum amount of traffic for their websites– everyone tries to promote their businesses, or promote themselves through the two mediums.


A blog originates from the word “weblog”. Someone who writes content for a blog is called a blogger. Blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog. Starting a professional blog you require to buy a hosting plan and register a domain name that you’ll have to renew after some time. The only thing needed is being reasonably good at writing and have something useful and interesting to say. Blogs are ideal when you use targeting keywords in order to compete for attention and follow potential readers. Blogs need to be updated on a regular basis, or readers who visit your site will lose interest. The more you blog, the more chances you get to show your knowledge to your readership. Traditional blog content is essential for making your brand appear reliable. Blogging enables you to educate visitors with your blog’s personal library of knowledge which makes you to stand out.


A vlog is a video blog post or a blog that is entirely made up of video blog posts. Vlog posts are created by making a video of yourself or an event, uploading it to the Internet, and publishing it inside a post on your blog. If you decide to start a vlog it is even easier, although a bit more demanding from a technological view. You require a decent camera and some other equipment which turns out to be a rather big investment in a case where you don’t have them. Vlogging doesn’t need you to be good at writing because what is required is to produce content in a more natural, informal way,  conversational. Social and direct communication skills are more important when it comes to vlog. The number of bloggers is much more compared to that of vloggers, some types of content cannot be expressed in another form other than vlogging. If you have something interesting to say and you are good at talking and photogenic then you can start a vlog anytime.


The best method to earn money online is by blogging and vlogging. You should work hard on your YouTube channel or blog since there’s no shortcut to success in the online business.

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