This gateway will allow your clients to checkout using MPESA Pay Bill or Till Number as the payment gateway on your online shop.

Leased License

10,000 Ksh

  • Annually
  • Free lifetime updates and support

Owned License

35,000 Ksh

  • One-off
  • One year of free support & updates


  • Customizable MPESA instructions at the checkout
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Ability to enable or disable the gateway using a checkbox
  • Real-time processing of MPESA transactions to your web server
  • Display the procedure of paying using Lipa na MPESA
  • Ability to create an order with more than one MPESA transaction.
  • Allow placing of orders only when full payments have been made.
  • You can enable / disable STK Push / Express MPESA checkout

How it works – Paybill and Till Numbers

With STK Push Enabled

At the checkout page, the client clicks on the “Complete Payment” button. This sends a request to the MPESA system indicating the amount to be paid by the client, the client’s phone number, and your pay bill or till number.

The request is processed and a push notification is sent to the client’s phone number with a prompt to enter MPESA PIN only.

On completing the payment from the phone number, your website redirected the client to the next page which displays the order details and payment details.

With STK Push Disabled

A client is presented with instructions on how to pay using MPESA from the checkout page. When a client makes payments to your MPESA Till or Pay Bill Number, a confirmation request is sent to your web server.

  1. The gateway decodes and processes the posted data and saves the data into your database
  2. The client keys in Transaction Code received from MPESA and clicks on “Verify Payment and Place Order“
  3. The system looks up for transactions originating from the Clients Phone that has not been used and sums up the amount. If the total sum is less than the order total, the client is notified and asked to top up the difference.
  4. When the paid amount is enough to fully settle the order, the order is placed and all used transactions closed to avoid further use of the transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Gateway support Till Numbers?

Our online shop MPESA Integration supports MPESA Till numbers as well as Paybill Numbers.

I'm using a Till Number issued Kopokopo, can I integrate?

Yes, the Payment gateway integrates with Kokokopo API without affecting your operations in your account.

Does this gateway support other software?

Yes, we have created a payment gateway for WHMCS, client management, and billing software for Web Hosting companies. We have also created sample codes that we share with PHP web developers to enable them to add the MPESA integration into their web-based applications.

How fast can the gateway process the MPESA Payments?

Since the migration of our gateway from MPESA IPN to MPESA API, we have noted great improves including speed of processing. The gateway processes the requests almost instantly.

Is the Gateway using the MPESA API?

Yes, the MPESA Integration is using the MPESA API to process payments from your MPESA Account.