Premium Web Hosting Packages

Bronze Hosting

1,500 Ksh

  • Annually
  • Hosting 1,000 MB (Upgradable)
  • 100,000 MB Bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Free Migrations
  • LiteSpeed Server

Silver Hosting

2,900 Ksh

  • Annually
  • Hosting 2,000 MB (Upgradable)
  • 200,000 MB Bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Free Migrations
  • LiteSpeed Server

Gold Hosting

7,000 Ksh

  • Annually
  • Hosting 5,000 MB (Upgradable)
  • 500,000 MB Bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Free Migrations
  • LiteSpeed Server

Platinum Hosting

12,000 Ksh

  • Annually
  • Hosting 10,000 MB (Upgradable)
  • 1,000,000 MB Bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Free Migrations
  • LiteSpeed Server

1-Click Application Installer

Our one click installer will have you up and running in minutes. With support for hundreds of applications including WordPress and Magento, no technical experience is needed to get started!

Free Migration Support

Our 24/7 migration team will be ready whenever you are to move from your old host. We’ll help transfer and restore all of your cPanel accounts from your old host, free of cost.

SSD Powered

Who wants a slow website? We include enterprise grade high performance SSD storage FREE for all of our hosting plans so that your site will be as fast & smooth as possible.


SpamExperts is an incredibly accurate, powerful and cost-effective spam filter solution that works by securely scanning incoming e-mail via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches your inbox. 

Let's Encrypt

All our web hosting accounts have the ability to utilize FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with just a few clicks in your cPanel. Our state of the art interface handles having your SSL certificate issued.

Featured Software


WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system built on a model-view-controller web application framework.


Drupal is a software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and post your content.


Magento is a very powerful, feature-rich eCommerce application for web shops of all sizes.

Technical Specifications

All our shared and reseller hosting servers utilize LiteSpeed Webserver which is a replacement to Apache. It is up to 900% faster than Apache when serving static content and up to 50% faster when serving PHP requests.


  • CGI, FastCGI, LSAPI, PHP, Proxy
  • SSL, IPv4, IPv6
  • Best Ruby on Rail support
  • Apache compatible .htaccess support
  • mod_security compatible request filtering
  • Apache compatible URL rewrite engine
  • MS FrontPage Server Extension


  • Small memory footprint
  • Thousands of concurrent connections
  • Increase scalability of external web applications


  • Strictest HTTP request validation
  • Deny any buffer-overrun attempts
  • Anti-DDoS: Throttling & Connection Accounting
  • System overloading prevention
  • Chroot web server process
  • Virtual host chroot


  • Up to 9 times faster than Apache
  • PHP performance increases 50%
  • 3 times faster than Apache in SSL
  • Efficient CGI daemon
  • High performance Perl daemon
  • SSL Hardware acceleration


  • Watch Dog monitoring
  • Recover from service failure instantly
  • Zero down time graceful restart


  • Chunked Transfer Encoding
  • Basic Authentication (htpasswd and LDAP backend)
  • Entity Tag
  • Range/Multi-range Request
  • GZIP content transfer encoding

Faster, more secure PHP 

With our dedicated PHP LiteSpeed SAPI module, LiteSpeed Web Server is able to deliver a level of performance superior to that of mod_php as well as FastCGI. LiteSpeed supports PHP suEXEC without compromises of phpsuexec or suphp implementations. Every PHP process is run as the user who owns the account, dividing resource usage for easy identification, as well as greater separation from the web server (lshttpd) processes. In addition, LiteSpeed PHP allows PHP configuration in .htaccess, which is not available with phpsuexec or suphp implementations.

GZIP Compression

Compression is seamlessly configured in the tuning section of the LiteSpeed Console. Compression can be enabled on your specified types of data at any level you desire. With LiteSpeed, a balance can easily be achieved between CPU usage and the bandwidth usage benefits of gzip compression. LiteSpeed also offers the ability to create files which are pre-gzipped files, ready to be served to the user at any moment. These files are automatically updated with the change of the original file’s contents. Not only will LiteSpeed help you reduce your hardware costs, but it will also help you reduce bandwidth costs! Smart Keep Alive

Smart Keep Alive

Unlike Apache, LiteSpeed intelligently enables Keep Alive for media content such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, but does not enable it for dynamic content (e.g. PHP). Preserve the RAM in your server for other tasks!

  • Zero downtime maintanance (include reconfiguration, software upgrade)
  • Watch dog and Instant recovery maximizes up-time
  • Graceful shutdown, all requests in process will be completed.
  • Runs completely in the user space, OS reliability is not affected
  • CGI, Fast CGI and servlet engine run in standalone processes,the reliability of the web server is not affected by third party software.

LiteSpeed Web Server can operate with an Apache configuration file. Most commonly used Apache features have been implemented. Some Apache-compatible features including .htaccess, mod_rewrite, mod_security, and mod_frontpage are available exclusively on LiteSpeed Web Server and cannot be found in other light-weight web server software.

.htaccess cache

With LiteSpeed Web Server, commonly used directives in a .htaccess file work exactly the same. According to many benchmarks, .htaccess files add a significant delay to serving pages in Apache. To eliminate this delay, LiteSpeed employs an intelligent caching system to automatically update configuration when changes to a user’s .htaccess file are detected.


LiteSpeed Web Server’s rewrite engine is fully compatible with Apache mod_rewrite so there is no need to change rewrite directives when you switch to LiteSpeed. The rewrite engine is highly optimized and increases speed over Apache’s rewrite engine, especially for rewrite directives in a .htaccess file.

mod_security 1.9 compatible request filter

LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition allows the use of mod_security configuration within your httpd.conf. Unlike the Apache and mod_security combination, LiteSpeed Web Server is built to implement rule sets in a more efficient manner and allows specialized grouping of related rules for an even greater increase in performance.


MS FrontPage Server Extension is supported by LiteSpeed, allowing users to mount the directory containing web pages as a Windows shared folder. This feature is exclusive to LiteSpeed Web Server, Apache and Zeus.