Change can be difficult but very necessary especially when it comes to your website. Due to the constant change of web design and online marketing trends, business owners need to keep up and it is possible by web redesign. Your website might have been created sometime back for your business and it looked amazing, but now maybe not so much. The face of your online business is your website and it’s it leaves an impression of your business once people visit it. People who visit your site judge the credibility of your business based solely on the design of your website. Choosing to have an outdated website can have a negative impact on your business. Maybe your website just needs a fresh coat of paint here and there, or maybe it needs a major redesign.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why your website needs your attention to  redesign it:

Site not mobile responsive

Most people these days are now owning a smartphone and what’s more, is that a number of users are highly unlikely to return to a website that doesn’t work well on mobile. This gives users the opportunity to visit a competitor’s website instead because the original one they intended to visit wasn’t mobile-friendly. A mobile responsive website is very important for your business since you might be losing potential clients.

Presents a poor user experience

The first thing that people see in regards to your business is your website that’s why you need to ensure that people have a good overall experience. A layout that is good and easy with page content presented in an easy way for people to read. The details you have on your website will tell the difference between users staying on your site and having a look around or leaving immediately to visit a competitor’s site.

Has no blog for fresh content

Having a blog is important for various reasons. It enables you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. You can give tips, advice, and whatever your audiences might be interested in reading. Blogging is also a great feature for Search Engine Optimization. Fresh content on websites and blogging is a great way to provide details about your business thus businesses that blog get more leads than those who don’t. If your existing website has no blog, you might take it into consideration to redesign your website and have one.

An overcrowded homepage

An extreme amount of content for users right on the homepage of your site is not attractive. It is tempting for a business to put so much information with the aim of capturing the visitor’s attention. That’s not always a good idea since you have only a few seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor, so you must consider the content you put on your homepage.  Users want to be introduced to your brand first by expressing your core value and differentiator in the marketplace then landing pages to give additional details that are relevant.

Website loads slowly

Some consumers expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds and what’s more, is that some will leave it entirely if it takes longer than that. A website that is not loading at a faster rate might be losing potential audiences and your SEO could be ranking at a lower level. It might be time for you to get a redesign for your website for it to load at a better speed.

Difficult for customers to contact you

You would be surprised how many businesses think having a phone number displayed on their website is not necessary. Users may be urgently looking for a way to reach you and if your phone number is unavailable, they’ll find an alternative business site that is easier to get in touch with. Users will drop off your site and your SEO will suffer as a result.


Your website portrays the image of your business online, and by presenting it well it can bring in more users. Investing in a website makes a great first impression on your website.

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