Top Players

Abdurahman Adow - 9230
Diana Gachara - 7695
Balqeysa Adow - 7592
Ann Gatumuta - 6747
Mohamed Arap - 1831
What is the Workshop About?

The workshop is all about training people on how to enhance their typing skills using Typing Master, and also encourage them to join the upcoming Typing competition.

Learning Objective

The main objective is to reach and educate many on the importance of being a fast and accurate typer.

Learning Outcome

The sessions will be Instructor led and within the competitors convenient time. The competitors will be required to finish a certain task that will gain them cumulative marks. One will have free access to the computer lab in order to update their scores at his/her own convenient time.

Where will the workshop take place?

Watu Technology, Donholm, Nairobi, Kenya.


Competent in basic computer usage.

  • Learn in a well-equipped computer laboratory
  • Get a certificate after completion
Target Audience

The target people are college students, people with basic computer skills and anyone with the urge to improve on His/Her Typing speed.