What is the Workshop About?

The aim of the workshop is to train kids on how to use ICT tools to understand the ever-advancing technology that is happening in the modern world.

Learning Objectives
  • Use basic programs like paint to draw graphics and presentation tools
  • Use the operating system and applications
Learning Outcomes
  • To develop the child’s understanding and practice of the safe use of ICT.
  • To support the development of the child’s social skills through cooperative learning and problem-solving.
  • To inform the child’s attitudes regarding the role of ICT in society, including the benefits and challenges of ICT use.
Where will the workshop take place?

Watu Technology, Donholm, Nairobi, Kenya.


Resources such as computers and manuals will be provided

  • Learn in a well-equipped computer laboratory
  • Get a certificate after completion
Target Audience

Kids between the age of 6 – 12 years